Kasnodar Caviar
Acipenser BAERII

Dressed in a dark brown, the Baerii Kasnodar Caviar grains are of nice size.
In your mouth, it has a pure, tangy taste and a soft, fine texture that is attractive to your palate.


Ikra Pleasure

« Ikra » means « caviar » in Russian, the « Ikra pleasure » gift box is an ode to Russia, caviar’s birthplace. For both amateurs and connoisseurs, this box comes with mother-of-pearl spoons for a tasting in the rules of the art.

Perfumed discovery

The coffret “Perfumed discovery” is ideal for a tasting for two. Dedicated to amateurs, the black pearls are carefully selected by Kasnodar’s expert team. This box immerses you in a unique gustatory trip.

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