Kasnodar Caviar

An Exceptional Farm

About sixty kilometers east of Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar, is Acipenser, the first sturgeon farm in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

A true jewel in a natural setting, six pure species of sturgeon producing six different caviars are raised there in optimal conditions.

Nestled at an altitude of 1500m, in the purity of Lake Mantasoa to the east of the capital of Madagascar, the fish are raised in optimal conditions, perfectly respectful of the environment.

A reality officially certified by AFNOR, AFAQ, ISO 14001. In 2018, Kasnodar Caviar was born, the premium brand of tomorrow, both exquisite and festive.

What we claim

Kasnodar Caviar’s mission is to democratize a quality product to all generations through an image that is traditional, modern and audacious.

A strong two-tone identity of two universes: “Black” for the effervescence of city nights and “White” for the unique atmosphere of parties in broad daylight, winter and summer.

Kasnodar Caviar is the promise of a new experience: the joy of living, limitless, universal.